BRC Grade AA Suppliers of Dehydrated, Ambient & Frozen Raw Food Ingredients

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"Making the world a tastier place"

Full Circle Ingredients Ltd are BRC Agents and Brokers Certificated AA

We are suppliers of dehydrated, ambient and frozen raw ingredients to the food industry.


Full Circle Ingredients Ltd are importers and distributors of dehydrated, ambient and frozen ingredients to the food industry.

We specialise in crispy fried onions, candied fruit, dried fruit, dehydrated vegetables, IQF fruit, IQF vegetables, vine fruits, coconut milk and wet products by liaising with food growers and producers globally to import the best ingredients at the best prices.

Please Contact Us if you require further product information, product specifications, a product quotation or product samples.

Please view the images above for more information on examples of the products we can provide, or visit our Products page.


We specialise in importing and distributing dehydrated, ambient and frozen raw ingredients to the food industry.

Our motto is simple, "Making the World a tastier place", and what a better way to start, than to try our onions, "Roasted", "Toasted", "Crispy" or just dehydrated.

Our ingredients are supplied in various cut sizes and are either Freeze Dried, Air Dried, IQF or Sun Dried.

Whether you are looking for dried potatoes in various cut sizes, or freeze dried onions to specialised fruits, please contact us to discuss your requirements. Your "Confidential Projects" will be safely in our hands.

The ingredients we supply to our customers can be found in the major multiples products such as cheese, soups, ready meals, frozen foods, cereals, sauces and specialised breads.

Our sourced ingredients are used in many finished goods available by the major multiples and are used in some of the UK's household brand names. To see examples of our product range please refer to our Products page.


Full Circle Ingredients Ltd work closely with a selection of approved suppliers, where we are able to meet the requirements for your normal day to day ingredients as well as unusual requests.

We source all our ingredients globally from approved suppliers to ensure quality meets the demands of "ALL" our customers, specifications are available on request.

Quality and a high level of customer service is paramount at Full Circle Ingredients Ltd.

We strive for strong partnerships with UK food manufacturers to supply required ingredients, whether they are day to day ingredients or new and innovative products.

Our aim is to provide top quality food ingredients efficiently and effectively to our customers which meet quality standards.

At Full Circle Ingredients Ltd, we provide food ingredients that meet the following industry standards;

For more information please refer to our Quality page for more details.


Full Circle Ingredients Ltd has extensive product and ingredients experience including background in food development projects.

Therefore if you are working on any New Product Development (NPD) or existing food developments then we are more than able to assist you in this process.

We can supply a wide range of quality food ingredients to meet your requirements. Our technical team are available to provide further product information, product specifications or product samples.


Whether your Company specialises in breads, soups, cheese, chocolates, meat, coatings, blends or cereals etc., Full Circle Ingredients Ltd can supply the ingredients to compliment all of the above, even the most unique products from special selected herbs, to delicious fruits, sun dried tomatoes, tasty vegetables and crispy fried onions.

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